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Chris Rayner

Just a super quick email to show our gratitude and appreciation for your energy and words of wisdom this morning at Chinta.

It was an absolute pleasure to hear you speak and be in your presence, everyone of sales force got something spectacular out of it and as a whole you have improved us.


You now have 11 raving fans.

I’ve made a personal commitment to watch everyone of your youtube videos and quite frankly meeting you today has given me a wakeup call.

A wakeup call that will lead to me being a better sales manager. So I’m very appreciative of whatever universal forces placed you in our path.

We look forward to following you and our ongoing learning and inspiration.

You mate are a legend.

Chris Rayner

Sales Manager

Carl Casilli and Michael Hallam

Both Michael Hallam and I have known Michael Biviano for close to 4 years. During that time we have grown to build up an immense respect for his business mindedness and his insight into negotiations. It is with great delight that we refer to Michael and a business / life coach and close friend.
With Michael’s guidance we have grown our business two fold based solely on him making us accountable for our actions. His ‘no bullshit’ approach is refreshing, albeit sometimes hard to hear but all the same necessary.

Without pretence or ego he shares the mistakes and successes in both life and business. We are blessed to have a mentor with such insight and willingness to share no matter how they may make him look. His ability to put others first in such an unselfish manner places him head and shoulders above most business coaches.

He also possesses a rare ability to convey complex processes in an easily and digestible manner, again his ability to temper his conversation and messages appropriately to any given audience demonstrates his conversational flexibility.
Simply put – he wears his heart on his sleeve and gives it to you straight!!

An outstanding friend and life mentor.

Carl Casilli and Michael Hallam
Bellcourt Property Group

John McNaughton

I have known Michael personally for over 8 years and have known of him for over 15 years. I was introduced to Michael through our personal coach, Dr Fred Grosse, who recommended that both Michael and I meet due to common interests. Since that meeting, I have had the privilege of spending invaluable time with him and his family.

I found preparing this reference about Michael, was an easy task as he has a huge amount of qualities as a human being and that I really admire and appreciate.

Firstly, I would say that he has always been very eager to help and support me in my work and goals. Michael was the first contact I would make if I needed help with property development and associated issues. He always offered to jump straight on a plane and have face to face with me if I needed. I love his enthusiasm for life and for his family. I love his desire and ability to solve the problems that you bring to him.

He is methodical, reflective, and sincere and you know he will do his best to help you through his contacts and knowledge of the issues you bring to him. He has an amazing network of companies and clients and friends who he can go to and will always put you in contact with the right people. I find Michael has an enlightened sense of integrity when it comes to business dealings and conduct.

Michael is hardworking, articulate, and absorbs himself in the smallest detail which I love, from a designer’s point of view. Nothing goes unnoticed, every colour, texture and contour is analysed, just like his problem solving abilities. He is a great man to have on your team.

I love that Michael, even through his tough times, can still have a great sense of humour and keep his cool. I love the fact that he always acts from a basis of honesty and vulnerability and humbleness that is rare in people today.

I have always found Michael to have my best interest at heart, and for that reason I really love and admire him.

Thank you Michael for being my 21st Century Superhero!

John McNaughton
Creative Director
Palazzo Design

James Tong

Michael is an energetic, experience-rich, entreupreneur-minded master of the property industry. I have been working with him for 10 years on both a domestic and international level for Property Seminars. Michael is patient in his work and is always willing to listen to your opinion.
Michael’s multi-award winning talent in real estate has been well recognised by his peers.

James Tong

Founder of Tong Partners and TP Australia

Kim Coffey

Hey Michael,

I didn’t get the opportunity to introduce myself today but really wanted to say thank you!!!

I’ve only been in Real Estate (BDM) for a year so don’t have a lot of direct industry experience however have attended many bum’s on seats seminars in my time!  Whilst there is always little bits of gold to be found, today I was blown away.

So thanks again my head is spinning!!

Kevin Broughton

Hello Michael

Thank you for presenting to the PAN Group today.  I was invited by Alan Bourke, who I will be joining in the coming month as a Real Estate Agent.

I am giving up my life as a town planner, which I find incredibly draining, to pursue something ‘that floats my boat’.  I am certain real estate sales is the boat floater.

I loved your energy and tell-it-how-it-is approach to training and, more importantly, about having core values and a good home life as key drivers to success.

I was intrigued about your comments about prospecting.  The more I read and see, the more I believe there is more to being an ‘attraction agent’ than prospecting; you need to be the expert, the go-to man, the one who knows more etc.  I am certain there are more answers on how to do this within your videos.

This email is simply to thank you; it was a valuable wake-up call and energizer for my path ahead.

Thanks !

Brian Devereux

Sorry I had to leave immediately after the event (I did shake hands with you on the way out) but just wanted to say thank you for seeing us today and for imparting your knowledge and expertise.

It was a fun and enjoyable day that passed quite quickly which in itself is a compliment.