Carl Casilli and Michael Hallam

Both Michael Hallam and I have known Michael Biviano for close to 4 years. During that time we have grown to build up an immense respect for his business mindedness and his insight into negotiations. It is with great delight that we refer to Michael and a business / life coach and close friend.
With Michael’s guidance we have grown our business two fold based solely on him making us accountable for our actions. His ‘no bullshit’ approach is refreshing, albeit sometimes hard to hear but all the same necessary.

Without pretence or ego he shares the mistakes and successes in both life and business. We are blessed to have a mentor with such insight and willingness to share no matter how they may make him look. His ability to put others first in such an unselfish manner places him head and shoulders above most business coaches.

He also possesses a rare ability to convey complex processes in an easily and digestible manner, again his ability to temper his conversation and messages appropriately to any given audience demonstrates his conversational flexibility.
Simply put – he wears his heart on his sleeve and gives it to you straight!!

An outstanding friend and life mentor.

Carl Casilli and Michael Hallam
Bellcourt Property Group

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