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John and George

George and John

Michael, from the bottom of both mine and George’s heart we would like to thank you again for tonight.
Turned out incredible, your speech was very captivating and exactly what everyone wanted to hear! You’re a great friend and mentor.
Thank you again!


George and John



Kim Coffey

Hey Michael,

I didn’t get the opportunity to introduce myself today but really wanted to say thank you!!!

I’ve only been in Real Estate (BDM) for a year so don’t have a lot of direct industry experience however have attended many bum’s on seats seminars in my time!  Whilst there is always little bits of gold to be found, today I was blown away.

So thanks again my head is spinning!!

Kevin Broughton

Hello Michael

Thank you for presenting to the PAN Group today.  I was invited by Alan Bourke, who I will be joining in the coming month as a Real Estate Agent.

I am giving up my life as a town planner, which I find incredibly draining, to pursue something ‘that floats my boat’.  I am certain real estate sales is the boat floater.

I loved your energy and tell-it-how-it-is approach to training and, more importantly, about having core values and a good home life as key drivers to success.

I was intrigued about your comments about prospecting.  The more I read and see, the more I believe there is more to being an ‘attraction agent’ than prospecting; you need to be the expert, the go-to man, the one who knows more etc.  I am certain there are more answers on how to do this within your videos.

This email is simply to thank you; it was a valuable wake-up call and energizer for my path ahead.

Thanks !

Brian Devereux

Sorry I had to leave immediately after the event (I did shake hands with you on the way out) but just wanted to say thank you for seeing us today and for imparting your knowledge and expertise.

It was a fun and enjoyable day that passed quite quickly which in itself is a compliment.