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Natasha Degrassi

I just wanted to thank you Michael for taking the time out of your incredibly busy life to share with us your presentation. I knew the second after we spoke on the phone a few weeks ago that our group needed to hear you and WOW you ended our two day retreat with a bang!

Your presentation was heartfelt, full of passion and conviction and I am so very grateful that those in the room got to hear you. A number of people commented on the shift of energy in that room, that same feeling I felt after our phone conversation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Natasha Degrassi
Training, Events & Sponsorship
Stockdale & Leggo Corporate


Joseph Catanese

Michael is an inspiring, passionate and ultimate professional who understands how to create and build sustainable and profitable businesses that drive positive growth. We’ve worked together for many years and I have always found Michael to be upfront, honest, direct and operates with integrity

Joseph Catanese
Chief Executive Officer
Real Properties

Mark & Anna Valentine

Michael helped us smash through ceilings at both a personal and organisational level and drive positive change.

He is a master of Emotional intelligence and human behaviour. Having access to Michael’s experience and depth of knowledge across business, real estate, and relationships is a super-power.

His advice is both insightful and actionable–coming from a place of “I’ve been here before” and genuinely wanting to help people.

I don’t think he gets the recognition he deserves as one of Australia’s greatest real estate and business minds. My life is certainly richer having dealt with him.

Mark & Anna Valentine

Perth commercial Property


Mark Kentwell

“Michael Biviano is a guy who has actually walked the walk, so you know his methods are proven in real life. He has the ability to make any workshop he delivers worth 10 X what it costs and this Master Class is no exception.

Just to be able to sit in the room with this calibre of business people and entrepreneurs is worth the ticket price alone. The lessons are worth infinitely more.

If you’re thinking you’re too busy, or don’t have the funds allocated for 2 days in November, then that’s exactly why you need to go.

If you already know the value of this once in 3 year opportunity, then you need to act before the others figure it out”.

Mark Kentwell
Director & Licensed Agent
Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

Chris McGown

I thought I would write to provide some feedback regarding the recent training session provided by Michael Biviano to myself and my sales team.
Having been in the real estate industry for over 30 years, I have seen most, if not all, of the recognized national and international industry trainers via our Franchise network and AREC, and countless ‘out of industry’ trainers of numerous topics and trends. The experience, success, and industry knowledge Michael brings to the table is exemplary. His skill at being able to impart his knowledge to experienced and inexperienced staff is second to none. He is able to connect at all levels and inspire with his thought processes, natural charisma and enthusiasm. As a result I have a relatively new sales team who are working cohesively on a success driven mission. My most senior sales person, who is recognized as a high achiever by industry standards (No.1 sales person in our Franchise) has also been reinvigorated and has booked one on one sessions with Michael.
To say that I’m thrilled with the outcome of just one training session with Michael would be an understatement. I highly recommend Michaels skill set to any team leader as a means of raising the bar. I suggest Michael could be considered the unfair advantage that will help lift results and build a solid team of inspired individuals.

Kind regards
Chris McGown

Michael Sandhu

The Best Mentor/Trainer/Speaker/Human Being

Michael is very approachable, helpful gentleman. He has greatly changed my life by mentoring and training through my realestate career.

I have gone from quite, reserved person to outgoing and confident person. My business has increased many folds cause of Michael’s constant training and mentoring.

Michael has abundance of fresh ideas which are unique and very profitable.

I am very thankful to Michael and I will recommend Michael Biviano to anyone who is thinking of taking their life or business to next level.

Best in the Industry!!!


Michael Sandhu

Real Estate Agent

Kristen Hilliker

Thank you for all your guidance & support with our business start-up.
Your input was of much value, it was great having you with us on this journey. . .
I am grateful that our paths aligned & we had a chance to meet.

All the best for today & always. X


Kristen Hilliker

Senior Property Manager

McGrath Waverley

Sue Davies

Sue Davies

I have a family business so Michael enabled me to look at the business through fresh eyes, highlighting the areas that needed improvement and potential change re structures, job roles etc.

Broadened my outlook re potential opportunities to help me grow and diversify the business. Encouraging the staff to set goals hence motivating them. He misses nothing and sees everything.

Michael walks his talk in every sense of the word whether its business or family. He has extremely strong family values and believes that home has to be right before anything else. He taught me that the most important decision you will ever make in your life is the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with. He is open and not closed, always willing to learn something new and concede if his initial view was incorrect.

His advice was invaluable based on his vast experience in both running Real Estate Offices, managing hundreds of staff plus being a Developer and an investor. He has an innate ability to read people and situations and consequently giving solutions to problems. He has many mantras that he uses on a regular basis like “if it has to be it’s up to me!”

Michael’s Seminars are full of energy, he is extremely passionate and charismatic and his knowledge is boundless. He knows how to hold an audience, he speaks and people listen…..because he talks real with no filter, very often speaking from the heart even though he’s talking business! Michael is a true entrepreneur in every sense of the word. Once seen, never forgotten!!

Sue Davies
Director/Licensee – Land4Sale WA

John and George

George and John

Michael, from the bottom of both mine and George’s heart we would like to thank you again for tonight.
Turned out incredible, your speech was very captivating and exactly what everyone wanted to hear! You’re a great friend and mentor.
Thank you again!


George and John



Li Morris

Thank you so much for everything you taught to me and was my great pleasure to know you in a short period of time.
Love your positive energy and great attitude towards to life, family and work.

I wish you all the best and if you have any leads and need a mandarin speaking sales agent then I would love to help 😉

Li Morris

Sales Consultant

McGrath Estate Agents – Waverley