Kevin Broughton

Hello Michael

Thank you for presenting to the PAN Group today.  I was invited by Alan Bourke, who I will be joining in the coming month as a Real Estate Agent.

I am giving up my life as a town planner, which I find incredibly draining, to pursue something ‘that floats my boat’.  I am certain real estate sales is the boat floater.

I loved your energy and tell-it-how-it-is approach to training and, more importantly, about having core values and a good home life as key drivers to success.

I was intrigued about your comments about prospecting.  The more I read and see, the more I believe there is more to being an ‘attraction agent’ than prospecting; you need to be the expert, the go-to man, the one who knows more etc.  I am certain there are more answers on how to do this within your videos.

This email is simply to thank you; it was a valuable wake-up call and energizer for my path ahead.

Thanks !

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